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Entrepreneurial learning without books

"Become a world citizen with your basic vocabulary of the six major (world) languages"

Speak a little Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Spanish, Hindi, (English)

Specially designed for:

  • (gifted) Children who want to be challenged in their learning process

But also for:

  • Who wants less education (push) and learn more (pull)
  • Those who prefer to learn by doing and prefer without books
  • Who wants to embrace new learning methods
  • Who wants to learn playfully
  • Measurable results!
  • Playfull learning
  • Without books
  • 6 world languages
  • History, geographic and culture
  • CEF A1 Certificate

Group size

LEARN Games are offered to groups from 9 children / people. Each additional participant increases the interaction, feedback and learning opportunities.


A teaching program is designed based on the European CEF-A1 criteria. With attention to culture and background. In game simulations the self-learning capacity of the children / participants is encouraged (reference creation method, action learning)
More information

Organization LEARN Games

LE-Network provides the content for the entire educational program with 'native' speakers. With game simulations, that is more than one, there is also additional game guidance. There is a lot of ' action learning ' and ' playful learning ' in the program.

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