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"Learn Games World languages respond to the specific needs of children and challenge them to their ability".

Top-down learning:

In the lesson series LEARN Games World Languages, a participant knows from the first moment what the final goal is to work towards: being able to communicate orally in the chosen world language at the CEF A1 level. The languages in question depend on the participants, for example Russian, Chinese, Arabic, Hindi, Spanish or English. The intention is that you can then make yourself understood within the relevant language area.

Plays on broad interests:

During the ten-week lesson series, not only a world language is taught. You will be introduced to the history, geography and culture of the country or language area concerned.

Uses all senses:

During the game simulations all senses are stimulated to enhance learning experiences. This is done by organizing all sorts of activities during the game simulations that activate the five senses to stimulate the learning process. This is called “reference creation”.

Offers space for creativity and entrepreneurship:

During the game, participants are only allowed to speak in the relevant world language. This appeals to their creative skills.

For whom?

The developed method is particularly suitable for children who are not sufficiently challenged. Think of giftedness or children who show autism related behavior.

  • Playfully learning
  • No boring books
  • Choice of 6 world languages
  • History, Geography & Culture
  • Certificate at CEF-A1 level

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