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"Teaching" does not automatically imply "learning"

More effective, more efficient, more flexible and more creative learning processes. In achieving these objectives, the LE-Network organization has over fifteen years of experience of continous improving. Our experiences have been published in several international publications (see

We use LEGO in many of our game simulations  because this activates positive emotions that contribute to better learning processes.

The network of LE-Network

Steffi Mühlenstadt-Kemper, Oksana Lanting, Vitalina Bondar, Harry Steernberg, Jan Vrielink, Badr Mahayni, Saleem Bchara, Aline van de Haar, Wilma Jansen, Willem Schreuder,  Qi Yuan, Abdul Saadi, Salah Zinad, Wim Melenberg, Geert Jan van Stiphout, Adriaan Nieuwenhuis, Johan Wieberdink, Ingrid Meppelink, Ronald Zuidema, Mark Jan van den Brink, Martin Schoonbeek, Ronald Zuidema en Henk Roelofs.

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