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LEARN Games World languages are offered to groups of at least 9 participants/children. Each participant enhances the feedback possibilities. Goal is to understand and speak the world language at CEF-A1 level (Common European Framework of Reference A1).

Study program

The study program consists of 10 blocks of 2 hours. During the lessons self-learning abilities of the participating children is stimulated by using reference creation, game simulations and theme presentations to parents / carers in a specific world language.


LE-Network takes care of monitoring and guidance during the study program. In 8 blocks there are native speaker(s) and during the 2 blocks with game simulations we provide at least 2 native speakers and game guidance.

To measure is to know

At the start of the 10-week lesson series,a so-called zero measurement -for example with Kahoot- determinesĀ  the pre-knowledge of the specific world language, which isĀ  to be learned. At the end of the courses there is a final measurement in the same way. So, learning progress can be objectively determined.

Interested in LEARN-Games?

Contact us for an offer through contact[a], the contactform or by phone +31 0) 6 50 51 40 62.

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