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LEARN Games World languages are offered to groups of up to 10 children. This in order to guarantee the level of the lessons and the end result, the speaking of the world language at CEF-A1 level.


The curriculum consists of 10 blocks of 2 hours. During the lessons the self learning ability of the children is fueled by using reference creation, game simulations and giving a presentation to parents / carers in a world language.


LE-Network takes care of the guidance during the whole curriculum. In 8 blocks there are 2 native speakers and during the 2 blocks with game simulations we deliver a total of 3 game guides.

Measuring is knowing

At the start of the 10-week lesson series, the knowledge of the world language to be learned is determined on the basis of a so-called baseline measurement and a final measurement follows at the end of the series. In this way, progress can be objectively determined.

Interested in LEARN-Games?

Contact us for an offer through mjvdbrink[a], the contactform or by phone +31 (0)6-14999444.